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Robert Manfredini, D.N - Doctor of Naprapathy
Naprapathic & Wellness
Wellness for Your Company

I have been in the wellness industry since 1986...I was doing wellness before it was cool. 

I've instititued corporate worksite programming that has reduced workers comp injuries from 28% to less than 2% within a three year period.  I have run police and fire recruit physical ability examinations for 20 years knowing with sincere pleasure that I ran the toughest standards in the state. 

Whether it is a:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Worksite Wellness Lecture (I have a multitude of topics with the latest, relevant data)
  • Lift, Carry, Turn safety class
  • Workplace ergonomics (clerical to factory)
  • Police or Fire Fitness Programming (injury proofing)
  • Nutrition lecture or program
  • Lunchtime Wellness Walk & Learn program

I have done it all and all programs are surveyed well with positive comments. 

Let's talk and see how I can help your company become more well!  Call 1.847.533.7404.

Dr. Manfredini, D.N. believes in using "the least for the most;" meaning he gently and effectively nudges the body toward better function by removing bad muscular/tendon, skeletal/ligament patterns. 

A vast majority of patients only require 1-3 visits for negation of most pain; some patients with arthritis/disease/advanced joint damage due to injury or illness may not experience negation and may only experience a reduction to tolerable levels of pain.