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Robert Manfredini, D.N - Doctor of Naprapathy
Naprapathic & Wellness

If you are completing the Naprapathic Initial Intake form please follow these instructions:

  1. Dowload the form to your computer.
  2. Click "Enable Editing."
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Save a copy for yourself and please Save & Rename the file, accordingly:  {your last name}_{your first name}_Initial_Intake_{today's date}.  As an example:  Manfredini_Robert_Initial_intake010120.
  5. Email the form back to me at:  rmanfredinidn@gmail.com

Health History

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Insurance Update form

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Naprapathic Initial Intake template

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Dr. Manfredini, D.N. believes in using "the least for the most;" meaning he gently and effectively nudges the body toward better function by removing bad muscular/tendon, skeletal/ligament patterns. 

A vast majority of patients only require 1-3 visits for negation of most pain; some patients with arthritis/disease/advanced joint damage due to injury or illness may not experience negation and may only experience a reduction to tolerable levels of pain.