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Robert Manfredini, D.N - Doctor of Naprapathy
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New Office Procedures

Dr. Rob’s Naprapathic Wuhan Virus Precautions

NEW Office Procedures


  1. Healthcare:
  2. Reduce transmission of any-and-all-viruses FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY!
  3. Reduce your mental-stress-of-possible-exposure.
  4. Environmental:  Reduce paper use and promote a digital office.

Consistent Disinfection:

  1. Three times a day the waiting room and bathrooms will be wiped down with bleach wipes.
  2. After each patient I will use a UV Light disinfectant wand on the treatment table, computer, and patient area within my office.
  3. Further measures for consideration: 
  4. Running an ozone generator at night to further disinfect the office.
  5. Installing UV Light bars for general disinfection.

Patient Procedures:

  1. Patients will be asked to wait in their cars until the previous patient has left the office.  Dr. Rob will call or text you when it is okay to enter.
  2. All patients are encouraged to wear a mask!  If you do not have one, one will be supplied.
  3. No more “Pain Pictogram’s!  All Daily-Visit-Intake will be verbal and recorded via dictation.
  4. Initial-Intake-Form:  available as a downloadable template for you to complete at home.  Visit:   www.waucondawellnessgroup.com and download and complete the template; save a copy for yourself and email Dr. Rob (rmanfredinidn@gmail.com) a copy.  Paper versions will be available in the office if needed.
  5. Paperless-Billing and Payments:
  6. “Superbills” will be emailed to you after your visit.  So please make sure Dr. Rob has your correct email address.
  7. Paper credit card receipts will no longer be provided but will be available upon request at the time of visit.

Dr. Manfredini, D.N. believes in using "the least for the most;" meaning he gently and effectively nudges the body toward better function by removing bad muscular/tendon, skeletal/ligament patterns. 

A vast majority of patients only require 1-3 visits for negation of most pain; some patients with arthritis/disease/advanced joint damage due to injury or illness may not experience negation and may only experience a reduction to tolerable levels of pain.