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CCP Wuhan Virus Update
Update and New Office Procedures

Please understand this is a very difficult time as I truly miss helping people “feel better” BUT we must all do our part to “flatten the curve” as this CCP virus/lipid-coated-protein/assault-on-humanity is managed properly.

Currently there are thirty strains of the CCP Virus and all have much different patterns of action.  Initial reports indicated the CCP Virus can stay alive on surfaces for up to nine days with varying reports indicating hours to a few days – very confusing.  Even though the Communists and the W.H.O. (a blatant communist mouthpiece) both deny that person-to-person-transmission doesn’t occur IT HAS BEEN OBVIOUS THAT IT DOES SPREAD PERSON-TO-PERSON.  Some researchers have identified that a person can be infectious for up to 49 days and not be symptomatic. Others, two weeks…  Most researchers identify that it enters the body throughthe nasal passages BUT initial reports indicated that is vectors through the eyes and the lastest research has shown that it can stay for an extended period of time in the eye's tissues.

Regarding social distancing it is a very-good-BASIC-idea.  However, researchers from across the globe state the CCP Virus can stay in the air from 6 feet (current American thinking) to 28 feet.  In my small house that means we can only walk against the walls opposite from each other to stay “safe…”  What does a family of ten do?  It has also been identified to linger in indoor air for up to three hours and in sunlight up to four minutes.  I personally believe the CCP Virus was designed for 100% infection rate and I believe everyone will get it BUT if your immune system is healthy you should be okay.  That is great for the healthy, but a vast majority of people have “cracks in their immunity” so this thing can slip in do some damage. 


  1. Researchers have identified that the CCP Virus can affect the central nervous system and basically tells the person to forget to breathe.
  2. Can cause fibrosis of the lungs.
  3. Lower sperm count.
  4. Cardiovascular “shock”
  5. Pinkeye
  6. Stomach issues.
  7. Liver dysfunction
  8. Loss of smell and taste.
  9. Skin discoloration (...a Chinese doctor's entire body turned dark brown...)
  10. Swelling and discoloration of the toes.
  11. Oxygen deprivation

Current thoughts on treatment:

  1. Isolation/Social distancing:  It makes sense BUT it does lower a society’s ability to develop herd immunity…just something to think about…
  2. The government and big money/pharma are pushing for a vaccine.  If you know me then you know my stance on the design of most vaccines (if you don’t know me, here is a quick recap:  why does a vaccine need mercury, anti-freeze, multiple strains of different virus’, a full male-child’s-DNA-sequence-with-modified-genes-for 50+-different-cancers, and a whole-bunch-of-other-crap-that-no-one-is-willing-to-tell-you-its-real-purpose…Dr. Salk had attenuated Polio in his original Polio vaccine (nothing else) AND he first brought up the idea of vaccine liability…)
  3. Even scarier is the talk from Bill Gates (yes, the guy who brought to market the poorly running Office 365 and Windows 10) who wants to make it so the only way you can return to society is by having an implanted-vaccine-chip.  This way the government will easily be able to identify who had been vaccinated.  Personally, I would rather eat well, exercise, practice stress management and avoid the whole “Big Brother” thing.
  4. Currently available medications:
    1. Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are oral prescription drugs that have been used for treatment of malaria and certain inflammatory conditions.
      1. HCQ combined with Zinc has been shown to be highly effective.
      2. Shown to work 91% of the time
      3. $0.60 (yes, sixty cents) per dose.
  5. Medications being looked at: (…don’t drink fishbowl cleaner…)
    1. Lopinavir-ritonavir did not show promise for treatment of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with pneumonia in a recent clinical trial in China
    2. Ivermectin, a common agricultural drug used as a de-wormer for cats, dogs, horses and livestock — achieves a 5000-fold reduction in replication of the SARS-cov-2 “Wuhan” coronavirus. (not tested on humans…)
    3. Remdesivir - currently being looked at.  Reports it only works 60% of the time and will cost about $3,000 per dose.
  6. Natural therapies have been shown to be effective!
    1. Zinc:
    2. Vitamin D:
    3. Vitamin C:
    4. Colloidal silver:
    5. Essential oil of Orange…a good reason to have an Aperol Spritz.
    6. Stomach tolerable Oil of Oregano
    7. Quercitin

Current Best Practices:

  1. Minimize contact with the outside world for a few weeks.  Give your body a chance to heal and more importantly you don’t spread it by simple proximity-exposure.
  2. Wear a mouth covering.  It reduces your droplets from getting out and theirs from getting in.  Please note, all valid research shows that masks DO NOT STOP THE VIRUS...only droplets of moisture.
  3. Wash your hands like you know how to do it.
  4. Initial research out of India showed that the greatest vector of the CCP Virus was through the mucous membranes of the eyes…I told my family, if you see me wearing swim goggles things are really bad!...Eye protection AND don’t touch your face!
  5. Eat well.
  6. Take your supplements:  zinc, C, D3…and if you do not know what to do PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NAPRAPATHS ARE THE ONLY LICENSED HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS WHO STUDY NUTRITION!  Every Naprapath is available for phone consultations!  Some may have Skype or email capabilities…
  7. Exercise.
  8. Stress management.
  9. Keep your areas clean!

Where do we go from here?  For the next few months to year, during treatments I will be wearing:

  1. Protective googles.
  2. N95 facemask impregnated with colloidal silver (silver kills almost everything…think giving the baby a silver spoon…).
  3. Gloves.
  4. Disposable dressing or scrubs.

For my patients:

  1. All patients will be required to wear a facemask (I will provide some but I appreciate the effort to wear your own).
  2. Initially, I will have you wait in your car and after one patient leaves the office I will text or call you so you can enter the premises.

New Habits:

  1. My office and bathrooms will be wiped down with bleach and or an equally effective killer several times a day to minimize spread via contact.
  2. I am looking into adopting Zelle payments as well as other paperless payment systems to minimize potential spread.
  3. I am looking into going almost paperless with online intake forms and no more patient pictograms…we will see how this one unfolds.

I truly hope everyone is well and again, I am sorry for not being able to help you with your issues. I am planning on returning to the office on the 21st BUT if need nutrition advice or exercise therapy we can talk or Skype.  It has been very interesting trying to “unwind” someone’s pain with exercise advice over the phone; SO MUCH EASIER to perform a Naprapathic treatment.

As always, “Eat well, think well, and be well!”

Dr. Manfredini, D.N. believes in using "the least for the most;" meaning he gently and effectively nudges the body toward better function by removing bad muscular/tendon, skeletal/ligament patterns. 

A vast majority of patients only require 1-3 visits for negation of most pain; some patients with arthritis/disease/advanced joint damage due to injury or illness may not experience negation and may only experience a reduction to tolerable levels of pain.